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Casa Greens Real Estate Corporate Company India

Casa Greens 1 - A Luxury Destination

Radhey Krishna Group has added another feather to their hat, with the exemplary construction of Casa Greens 1 in Greater Noida West. This sprawling 5 acre constructions boasts of a vast 7.5 acres theme park making it the ultimate location for the entire family. Imagine your house, surrounded by the lush green foliage and manicured gardens. This imagination has been brought to reality by architect Hafeez Contractor and his talented team. He has designed Casa Greens in a way that each family member gets his or her own privacy and space. This has been achieved by the passages created in each apartment.

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A Promise to a Luxurious Future

Research says that 2016 is going to be a promising year for the Real Estate sector which had been somewhat stagnant in the past year. But news of Real Estate agents conning their customers into buying less lucrative projects is also doing the rounds. We hear of people having invested lakhs and crores of money into sites which are under construction for years and years showing no signs of completion. All this makes property buying a very risky affair. But worry not, Radhey Krishna Group, the best Property Seller in noida and Lucknow believes in earning customers loyalty and satisfaction by delivering whatever is promised.

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Casa Greens Exotica - A Heavenly Abode

Imagine a house with all the amenities you could think of, a house surrounded by lush green foliage which fits in your budget. No, this is not a myth. Radhey Krishna Group has made this dream come true with Casa Greens Exotica Lucknow. It is a 2 acre residential project surrounded by 80% greenery with no commercial activity happening around. Newer designs, cutting edge technology, and unique architecture makes it stand out from the other Vrindavan Yojna Projects.

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